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Be the Best in Business

The business book you won’t want to be without in 2010.

Best practice is defined by an organisational culture that focuses on identifying and implementing the methods and processes that are proven to offer sustainable and superior results for you and your organisation. Embracing a best practice culture is essential if you want to be a successful and sustainable organisation in today’s fast moving global economy.

The author not only challenges you to be 'the Best' but shows you the way in a very concise, thoughtful and practical way. He skilfully blends his vast business experience with sharp academic insight to create a compelling guide for long-term sustainable business success.

Professor Brad Jackson
Fletcher Building Education Trust Chair in Leadership
The University of Auckland Business School


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This book is an invigorating treatment of principles fundamental to the success of any business enterprise. It is also a powerful ‘call to arms’ in that it challenges us to move on, from institutionalised practices that masquerade as ‘modern’, to embrace standards that will ‘raise the bar’ and differentiate the best from the mediocre!

Mark Porath; Managing Director, Camford International Limited and former Vice Chairman, IIC Partners Executive Search Worldwide.


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